Committee members offer their services with the expectation of assisting their organisation to solve problems and bring about improvements in the workplace. Often the best of intentions are undermined by lack of understanding about consultation processes, difficulties managing pressure from specific individuals or factions, and uncertainty about how to balance the apparently competing needs of various sections of the business. There are also challenges to be faced in working with committee members themselves, who may have vastly different perspectives and skills to one’s own.

This Effective Workplace Committees course is designed to give employees the tools to work effectively and productively as effective members of their workplace committee. It is delivered by a registered Psychologist with over 20 years of experience and may also be tailored to workplace teams.

This course can be customised to meet your specific workplace needs and is able to be delivered at IOH or on-site at your workplace. Please call to arrange a suitable training time.


4 Hours


$295.00 per person (GST free)

Effective Workplace Committees Course Details

Review the role of the consultative committee

  • Understand what constitutes effective consultation
  • Recognise lines of communication to and from the committee
  • Recognise common challenges facing committee representatives including the management of constituent’s expectations

Recognise processes which commonly occur in committees

  • Identify the states of group development and accompanying processes
  • Understand the differing roles which committee members play; acknowledging weaknesses and working with strengths

Learn communication skills for effective consultation and committee participation

  • Recognise and practice the skills required for effective listening
  • Getting heard without getting off side – appropriate use of assertiveness

Manage and Resolve Conflict

  • Recognise preferred conflict handling styles
  • Develop skills for managing emotions when there is a difference of opinion
  • Learn how to map the concerns of all parties in order to design workable solutions to complex problems


Training is delivered face to face.

Award and Recognition

Successful participants will be awarded with a Statement of Attendance. 

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