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getback treatment uses carefully targeted movement and strengthening exercises to reverse the ‘de-conditioning’ cycle caused by back pain. The treatment includes guided exercise with controlled loading on DAVID medical devices designed by Biomechanists and Exercise Scientists. Every treatment of your individual program is supervised by our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists.

Reversing the de-conditioning cycle triggered by back pain is the foundation of the getback program. Back pain makes us avoid moving the painful area, resulting in loss of mobility and weakening the spine’s supporting muscles. Without treatment, the de-conditioning cycle continues and episodes of back pain may occur more frequently.

Treatment focused solely on pain relief doesn’t address any underlying weakness in the spine’s supporting muscles. getback promotes overall spinal health by targeting and ‘re-conditioning’ the deep spinal muscles that support and stabilise the spine.

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Movement as medicine

DAVID Medical Devices are designed to provide a safe and effective way of improving mobility, strength and spinal coordination. 

Your rehabilitation program is managed on the EVE platform (eValuated Exercise). EVE is rehabilitation software that manages the whole treatment process providing quantifiable data on your progress in real-time. 

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