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At IOH, we have over 40 years’ experience in the effective management of workplace injuries. IOH provides a range of effective workplace rehabilitation services that focus on identifying clear goals and creating a staged plan to return to work and then recover at work.

Our experienced rehabilitation professionals have excellent knowledge of rehabilitation strategies and options, workplace issues, procedures and legislation. Each IOH consultant has a specialist expertise, such as physical therapy, stress management, job placement or counselling.

IOH’s experts will assist make the return to work process feel streamlined, providing the easily accessible guidance and support to get the best outcome for you.  


Edwin Shannon
Edwin Shannon
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I got a Shoulder injury at work, when the chance of my life gets back to normal was so thin, IOH with the help and constant consultant of Mr Lam Lai for one year and a half, life pretty much back to normal. Thanks to everyone support me during those dark days and special thanks to Lam Lai for all the time he spent and the effort he made to make it happened.
Amber-lee Patrinos
Amber-lee Patrinos
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Scott Morton the senior employment consultant has been an absolute legend to my outlook after my injury and helping assist me in getting back to work and encouraging me to be confident and capable of going back to my job of welding which is a passion of mine. I would like to thank him and IOH rehab for having such wonderful staff. I would also like to thank varsharli for her help and Anita also and Chloe and also sheyla as they have been great people to deal with during my recovery. Thanks guys I really appreciate it!!!!!!!
Scott Howard
Scott Howard
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IOH team have been great helping with my recovery and giving me awesome support getting a new job and also with re training Highly recommend them getting you back to work
Tash Juskiw
Tash Juskiw
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Frank was amazing and understanding when it came to helping me in my return to work. Very much appreciated with all his assistance and help!
Simo Van
Simo Van
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As a worker returning to from injury. Darren from ioh has been proactive and responsive to all my medical and return to work needs. Very positive experience in an otherwise rubbish time.

Same Employer - Recover at Work

IOH's Same Employer Rehabilitation Team will be engaged when there is a risk of a delayed return to work, or if the worker is not progressing as expected in their recovery at work.  IOH consultants become the expert facilitator of the return to work and recover at work process, communicating clearly and frequently with the worker and all stakeholders [employer, treating doctor, scheme agent, family and others] to develop a clear and collaborative action plan. If any new barriers are identified IOH will ensure stakeholders are involved in the new strategies that are being considered.

New Employer Rehabilitation - Return to Work Redeployment

Unfortunately sometimes an injury procludes a worker from returning to work in their prior workplace or role. This is where our New Employer Team come in. They are tasked with assisting the worker unpack their skills and experience, to put the pieces together to form a strong job seeking strategy. The New Employer Team then assist the worker implement that plan, assisting them with the job search and interview stages until they find that perfect new position. Our team greatly exceed the outcomes of other rehabilitation providers, with our clients having almost 50% higher likelihood of finding that next role.

IOH is accredited to provide workplace rehabilitation to the SIRA NSW and Comcare Schemes, working with clients in Workers Compensation and CTP.

IOH was awarded Winner in Customer Excellence by icare, based on stakeholder feedback ranking IOH as iCare’s #1 service provider for injury management and rehabilitation. 

IOH is consistently in the top performing providers on icare’s key metrics of cost, duration and outcome and our clients provide regular feedback that we are on the right track.

At IOH our experienced and qualified rehabilitation specialists provide services such as:

  • Workplace Assessments and Recover at Work 
  • Return to Work with New Employer and Redeployment
  • Psychological Injury Rehabilitation
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
  • Vocational Assessments

IOH is a participating member in the Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association (ARPA). ARPA fosters communication in the rehabilitation industry to promote and advance recovery, restoration, return to work and return to independence of people with injuries and diseases. Our involvement with ARPA is our commitment to providing our clients with best practice workplace rehabilitation.

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