The Vocational Assessment Workshops consist of 2 days covering an introduction to vocational assessments on day 1 and a master class where participants use a number of practical tools on day 2. Participants are welcome to attend Day 1 only or both workshops.

These workshops are delivered by an Organisational and Coaching Psychologist with over 20 years experience in working with individuals and organisations to enhance quality of work-life and maximise organisational productivity. For 12 of these years she has worked within the occupational rehabilitation setting as a treating psychologist, case manager and manager. She has also designed and delivered numerous learning programs for Rehabilitation Professionals.

Vocational Assessment Workshop Course Details

Day 1: Introduction to Vocational Assessments

  • Theoretical underpinnings of vocational choices and factors that determine these choices
  • Understanding of the importance of work adjustment theory to the ultimate success of a vocational choice
  • Awareness of the various stages of change that a client must go through when required to change their vocational identity and strategies for successfully moving them through this transition

Participants would be required to complete some pre-reading on the key theoretical frameworks informing these areas and complete a worksheet checking for comprehension of key points prior to their attendance.

Day 2: Master Class

  • Introduction to and hands on experience with a number of practical tools designed to assist with vocational goal development. During this training participants will apply the knowledge acquired in Day 1relating to a deeper understanding of the factors that influence vocational choice, decision-making and adjustment to the Vocational Assessment process.

Participants are welcome to attend Day 1 only or both workshops. Those participants returning to Day 2, would also be asked to complete a worksheet applying the theory and skills they have learnt from Day 1 to a client and describing the outcomes from doing so. Participants not returning to Day 2 could also be offered this worksheet.


Training is delivered face to face.


It is recommended that participants must have attended Day 1 in order to be eligible to attend Day 2, as Day 2 will refer to theory and skills taught in Day 1. 

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