Under current legislation PCBU’s have an obligation to manage risks to the health & safety of its workers including those related to musculoskeletal disorders associated with hazardous manual tasks.

The PCBU must also ensure that information, training & instruction provided to a worker is suitable & has regard for the nature of the work being carried out, the nature of the risks associated & control measures implemented.

Incorporating the new Code of Practice for Hazardous Manual Tasks this course is designed to prevent manual handling injuries through hazard & risk identification, risk assessment & primary control through job and task design. It will increase awareness & provide an understanding of the complex nature of manual handling activities & teach safe manual handling techniques.

* Training and assessment delivered on behalf of HealthCorp – RTO 91222 

IOH also provide customised manual handling training, which has proven to be highly effective in maximising worker understanding of the risks  of their actual work tasks and the procedures that will minimise the risk of injury.

HLTWHS005 Conduct manual tasks safely

Course Details

  • Posture and manual handling techniques to reduce muscle load on exertion
  • Manage work tasks involving vibration
  • Information regarding relevant manual handling equipment
  • Safe load packaging
  • Lifting limitations
  • Safe work practices in handling loads
  • Personal protective equipment requirements
  • Identify hazards, assess risk & use control measures
  • Workplace design & task analysis to ensure appropriate work areas are developed
  • Workplace policies & procedures in relation to pacing and scheduling of tasks
  • Equipment & environmental maintenance in accordance with a workplace preventative maintenance schedule
  • Workplace procedures for reporting symptoms & injuries to self and others
  • Procedures for return to work program
  • Relevant legislation
  • Practical assessments that include lifting, lowering & transfer techniques, safe handling practices & other safety procedures, practices to prevent or minimise risk & correct use of equipment where possible


Training is delivered face to face & includes group activities, practical demonstrations, skill assessments & a written test. Where possible the trainer will visit your workplace prior to training to take photos & gain an awareness of the hazardous manual tasks undertaken.

Award and Recognition

Based on a combination of the written paper (requires a 75% pass), group activities & assessments, the trainer will determine whether you have acquired the competencies required for the unit.

Successful participants will be awarded the the following National Unit of Competency

  • HLTWHS005 Conduct manual tasks safely

Participants will be issued with a certificate and wallet card.


Sufficient ID such as a passport or current driver’s licence is required to be shown to the trainer.


From 1st January 2015, when enrolling in a Nationally Recognised training course you will need to obtain and provide your Unique Student Identifier (USI) Number. Certificates cannot be issued until the USI number has been provided. 

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