This course is designed for elected HSRs under the WHS Act who have:

  • already completed the HSR Initial 5 Day training

HSRs are entitled to attend one day’s refresher training each year (as provided for in the WHS Act Section 72), with the entitlement to the first refresher training commencing 1 year after the initial 5 day course. Participants will refresh their understanding of their roles, powers and functions in the representation, monitoring, investigation and enquiry into work health and safety management at their workplace under the WHS law. 

On successful completion of this course, participants will understand and be able to apply:

  • WHS Act legislative framework
  • Role and functions of the Regulator and their interactions with HSRs
  • Duties and responsibilities of PCBUs, officers, workers and other parties under the legislation
  • The nature of the consultation process with workers as required of the primary PCBU by the Act
  • The purpose and formation of a work-group (or work-groups) within the workplace
  • Election process for HSRs/Deputy HSRs and disqualification provisions
  • Health and Safety Committees (HSCs)
  • The entitlements, rights and protections of an elected HSR/Deputy HSR
  • Using negotiation, communication and problem solving skills and strategies as a HSR to represent a work group and to resolve work health and safety issues
  • Risk Management and the use of risk controls, including the duties and responsibilities of various PCBUs under legislation
  • How HSRs can use their functions and powers to contribute to risk management activities in the workplace
  • Provisional Improvement Notices and the right to cease, or direct the cessation of, unsafe work

Health and Safety Representative Refresher Public Course Dates



09:00 – 16:30

$330.00 per person


09:00 – 16:30

$330.00 per person


09:00 – 16:30

$330.00 per person

Course Outline

  Section  Material Covered
  1. Work Health & Safety Legislation
  • WHS Framework
  • WHS Terminology duty holders and duties
  • Role and functions of the regulators
  • Enforcement under the WHS Act
  2. Consultation, Representation & Participation
  • Consultation under the WHS legislation
  • Work groups
  • Election and role of HSRs
  • Role of a Health and Safety Committee
  • Role of the PCBU and the inspectorate in consultation
  3. Participating in Consultation and Issue Resolution as an HSR
  • Role of the HSR in consultation
  • Investigating complaints
  • Issue resolution
  • Assistance and support for HSRs
  4. Monitoring PCBUs Management of WHS Risks Notifiable Incidents
  • Managing risk and related duties
  • Monitoring and review of risk control measures
  • Notifiable incidents – roles and duties
  5. Provisional Improvement Notices and Ceasing Unsafe Work
  • PINs
  • Ceasing unsafe work
  6. Summary & Review
  • Review of key changes in WHS legislation
  • Summary of changes for HSRs and HSCs


Course fee includes course materials, refreshments, morning tea and lunch. Free off street parking is available.


This course is delivered by SafeWork NSW Approved Training Providers (ATPs).

Award and Recognition

Successful participants will be awarded with a SafeWork NSW Certificate.


Participants must present an Original Certificate of previous completion of the HSR 5 Day training.


HSRs are entitled to attend the HSR 1 Day refresher training each year (as provided for in the WHS Act Section 72), with the entitlement to the first refresher training commencing 1 year after the initial 5 day course.

Evidence of Identity with photo and signature is required together with completion of an Evidence of Identity document. We will not make copies of your EOI. Our records only need to state the type and currency of the evidence sighted by the facillitator on the day of training.

This course may be attended by people who are not elected HSRs, however a Certificate of Attendance will be issued instead of a SafeWork NSW Approved Certificate.

Privacy Statement

Your personal information is collected and retained by us as the Approved Training Provider. This information is collected solely for the purpose of conducting training. This information in whole or in part may be given to SafeWork NSW. As the Regulator, SafeWork NSW may choose to contact health and safety representatives who have completed this training for the purpose of undertaking reporting, program monitoring and evaluation. For this reason please be aware that personal information provided will be made available to SafeWork NSW as part of our conditions of approval to deliver the HSR training.

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