Legislation requires workers within the construction industry to complete the “NSW Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry” (CPCCWHS1001) training course. This Nationally Recognised training provides new workers with details of their role and responsibilities in ensuring their own and other’s safety at work whilst working on construction sites.

Training and assessment delivered by Accelerated Training RTO 41474

CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry

Course Details

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Legislation in the workplace

  • An overview of the legislation governing WHS in NSW.
  • Key elements of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2011.
  • The role of SafeWork NSW in managing WHS / penalties.
  • Communication & Consultation in WHS
  • Employers duty to consult about WHS
  • Methods for consultation in the workplace
  • Employees role in consultation

Implementing WHS for Construction Work

  • Hazard identification & risk management
  • Processes involved in identifying workplace hazards and controlling risks
  • The hierarchy of risk control

Emergencies & First Aid in the Workplace

  • Emergencies in the workplace
  • Emergency planning and response
  • First Aid in the Workplace

Workplace Injury Management & Workers Compensation

  • Overview of the Workers Compensation System in NSW, including employer and employee obligations & entitlements.
  • Returning to work after injury.

Course Summary, Assessments & Evaluations


Training is delivered face to face including both theory and assessments.

Also for your information students are now required to demonstrate correct procedures to put on PPE.  This includes:

• Wearing a hard hat correctly
• Wearing a High Visibility vest correctly
• Demonstrating the use of ear plugs
• Demonstrating the use of eye protection

All items are provided to the students (the students are lent these items to be returned upon completion of training).  Ear plugs & hair nets are kept by students.


Course fee includes course material and refreshments at venue.  Lunch is not provided.

Award and Recognition

Successful participants will be awarded the following National Unit of Competency: CPCCWHS1001

Pre Requisites

• You must be over 14 years of age to complete this course.

• SafeWork NSW requires that participants conduct the course in their home state or territory. Therefore only students who have a NSW residential address will be eligible for enrolment.

• There are strict evidence of identity requirements for this course.  All students must be able to present 100 Points of ORIGINAL ID that meet the requirements of the Regulator Evidence of Identity and this must be presented to the trainer on the day of training to be allowed entry into the course (NO COPIES ACCEPTED).  You will be required to complete the Evidence of Identity Student Form on the day of training. Evidence of Identity documents must be originals; certified copies will not be accepted.


From 1st January 2015, when enrolling in a Nationally Recognised training course you will need to obtain and provide your Unique Student Identifier (USI) Number. Certificates cannot be issued until the USI number has been provided.

Evidence of Identity and Record of Training Form

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