The world of work is changing and managers and supervisors are increasingly being required to confidently handle complex interpersonal issues in the workplace with workers, colleagues and clients. 

Conflict Resolution training is delivered by a registered Psychologist with over 20 years of experience and provides on understanding of an individual’s conflict handling style and conflict resolution strategies.

People who use effective communication strategies are better able to state their honest concerns and listen to the concerns of others without feeling under threat or handling themselves in a manner that threatens others. They know the importance of managing relationships so that they are preserved and valued, despite differences of opinion. 


1/2 day or 1 day workshop options to suit the specific needs of your organisation.


Obligation free quotes are provided per organisation depending on duration and participant numbers. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Conflict Resolution Training Covers the following Key Areas, however may be tailored to address your specific needs:

  • key principles of effective communication and conflict resolution
  • recognize and respond to signs of emerging conflict
  • understand the different sources of conflict that can occur in the workplace
  • recognise the stages in escalation of conflict
  • recognise the opportunities for intervention
  • verbal and non-verbal communication skills required to address conflict
  • benefits of different conflict-handling styles
  • emotional and physical strategies for managing one’s own emotions during conflict.
  • assertiveness strategies
  • communicating a request directly without provoking aggression
  • principles and practice of “Conflict Mapping”

Advanced communication and conflict resolution skills are the key to superior customer relations, effective teamwork and the ability to adapt to changing expectations within the world of work.


Training is delivered face to face and sessions provide extensive opportunity for discussion, role play exercises and skill practice to allow participants opportunity to adapt the information presented in the course to their own personal communication style.

This course can be customised to meet your specific workplace needs and is able to be delivered at IOH or on-site at your workplace.

Award and Recognition

Successful participants will be awarded with a Statement of Attendance. 

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